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Serial Relay with Timer 8 way 10A for PC Microcontroller Raspberry Pi

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USB to Serial
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Serial Relay Controller with Timer Kit 8 Way

This kit comprises of 3 parts:

  1. The controller (BV4111)
  2. The relays
  3. The connecting wires.

Serial Relay Controller

online icon Data sheet and resources

The serial relay controller converts simple commands into on/off signals for the connected relay board. It has a built in timer capable of switching delays from 1mS to 48 days. Being serial it only requires 2 wires from the host to control up to 8 relays. The device is also addressable and so many devices can be used on the same bus. The command sent to the controller can switch the designated relay on or of either immediately or with a delayed action. If for example the relays were controlling a PC, the network connection could be switched on a few minutes before the PC to give time for the connection to be established.

The controller can be used from a simple terminal emulator via the USB to serial device for debugging and getting used to the device. Or it can be controlled permanently this way via a PC. Code examples are given for this written in Python. The code can also be used for the Raspberry Pi

It can also be used directly from a microcontroller requiring only 2 wires. Because the timing is independent it can be made to wake up or shut down the microcontroller. The device will work from 3.3V or 5V logic. The relays however do require 5V


The relays operate from 5Vand can be controlled directly if required. A high value on the input will switch the relay on, no value or low will switch the relay off. There are 4 inputs corresponding to each relay and each one is rated at 10A.

USB to Serial (not included but can be purchased from this site)

This is a low cost device based on the Silabs CP201x IC. It has a USB input that plugs directly into an A type socket, in other words directly into the PC or laptop. The output is 3.3V logic but can also supply 5V or 3.3V to the attached equipment. In this application it supplies 5V to the relays when in use. DuPont cables are used to attach this device to the serial controller.

With this device the relays can be driven from a PC

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