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P018: I2C LCD IC kit for the Raspberry Pi, Arduino PWM Backlight

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I2C LCD controller IC Kit with PWM for 3 back lights

This is an I2C controller kit that will control any normal character LCD type display, for example 16x2, 20x4, 40,2 etc. The IC that comes with the kit can output a PWM signal for the back light enabling dimming as well as on and off. In addition to this it has in fact three PWM outputs that will operate the newer LCD displays that have a combined RBG backlight arrangement.

The kit includes all parts including the IC as shown.

The PCB has an output transistor and a limiting 3.3V diode and so this allows a 5V display to be used with a 3.3V host, the Raspberry Pi for example.

*** NOTE the PWM pins go to 16,17 and 18 on the LCD (or just pin 16 if it is a monochrome backlight) these are expected to control the cathode. Pin 15 is the Anode (+V) nearly all LCD displays use this arrangement but there is one exception so check with your display first ***

Instructions: Full construction, data sheet and operation instructions are provided in the link.

Included is free Python software for the Raspberry Pi and Windows.

Please Note: The software is provided free and to show how the device may be used. It is not part of the purchase and so it is recommended that you check the link to see if this meets your needs before purchase.

This is an example. Notice the three sliders for the back light, for displays with only one back light the red slider is used. Also note that the sign on message at start up can be set by the user.

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