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I2C to UART converter, 5V GPIO, DAC, ADC for Raspberry Pi, Arduino

This is a small converter board that will work on any I2C bus, this means any microcontroller with an I2C interface

  • Extra UART
  • 3.3V OR 5V GPIO outputs x 4 *
  • 3.3V OR 5V GPIO inputs x 4 *
  • Digital to Analogue converter with 32 steps (DAC) x 1
  • Analogue to digital converter 10bits with voltage reference x 4 *

* There are 4 pins which share the above functionality so any of the pins can be individually set to the functions above. If supplied from 5V then the pins and UART will be 5V operation. If supplied form 3.3V then they will be 3.3V operation.

Because of the way I2C works a 3.3V microcontroller such as the RPi can work with this device supplied at 5V and thus give 5V i/o which the RPi lacks.

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The I2C connector is duplicated 2 x 4 pins so that further I2C devices can be easily added, to this end a 4 way connector is supplied.

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