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I2C RTC Zero Power controller

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I2C Real Time clock with Power control

This is designed a a Wemos D1 shield. On board is a real time alarm clock and a MOSFET switch that when combined enable the Wemos to be shut down completely for a set period of time, thus giving a significant power saving.

The Wemos during the shutdown period is completely off, consuming zero power, not even standby power. The only power consumed is by the RTC that is purposely designed to run for long periods on a small back up battery.

  • Can be set for repeated alarm times 1 second, 1 minute, 1 hour, day month or year
  • Can be set to come on at a specific time (years in advance)
  • Jumper to override the alarm for permanent on while testing
  • Maximum continuous current 1.1A


  • Data logging - long term transmit say once per day
  • Whether stations - gather data and send every so often
  • Remote sensing power up every few minuets or every few months !!
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