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I2C Real Time Clock & EEPROM excludes Battery

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RTC Real Time Clock and EEPROM

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This is a circuit board that comes without with battery (CR2032) and has installed a DS1307 Real Time Clock IC and also a 24C32 EEPROM that is organised as 4098x8 (32kbit).

The interface to both of these IC's is via I2C, the I2C address of the EEPROM is 0xa0 (8bit) 0x80 (7bit) and the address of the RTC is 0xd0 (8bit) 0x86 (7bit) so both are individually addressable on the board.

There are two rows of pads for external connections, the top row Vcc, Gnd, Scl and Sda and the bottom row Vcc, Gnd, Scl and Sdaare connected together so only 4 connections are needed.

NOTE That the EEPROM will operate from 3.3V but the RTC will not, it requires 5V.

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