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I2C or Serial Mulit Colour RGB backlight 16x2 LCD, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

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16x2 Multi-colour back light with Optional Serial or I2C Interface kit

(*** This is the same LCD ***)

This is 16x2 display with 3 back lights RED, GREEN and BLUE. The extra LED's are accommodated by having two extra pins. Otherwise the interface is exactly the same as all of the other LCD's

The LCD comes with a Serial OR I2C kit.

This kit requires a soldering iron and some skills but full instructions are given in the link. The interface allows for all three back light brightness's to be varied from 0 to 10 thus 1000 colours can be obtained. The PCB fits to the back of the LCD and is ideal for the Arduino as only two lines are required to operate. Using the Rpi with its 3v3 logic is also okay as the display can be powered with 5V but the 3v3 lines can still be used without damage, the link has an explanation of this.

Instructions: Full construction, data sheet and operation instructions are provided in the link.

Included is free Python software for the Raspberry Pi and Windows, details are in the link above.

Please Note: The software is provided free and to show how the device may be used. It is not part of the purchase and so it is recommended that you check the link to see if this meets your needs before purchase.

This is an example. Notice the three sliders for the back light. On Windows Python will need to be installed to use this but full instructions are given in the above link.

What You Get

With kit option:

  • 16x2 LCD with RGB backlight
  • P017 (serial) or P018 (I2C) PCB kit and controller IC

Without kit option ** NOTE just the display will not provide the I2C or serial option

  • 16x2 LCD with RGB backlight

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