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BV510: WiFi Multi I/O

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WiFi Multi I/O

[1] AC or DC power supply input max 28 Volts
[2] DC input max 28 Volts
[3] I2C interface fo master or slave
[4] Serial interface
[5] Wifi - reset button for browser configuration
[6] wifi module acts as a serial bridge for communications
[7] 1-wire temperature probe interface x 2
[8] High current MOSFET switch outputs with variable PWM control
[9] GPIO can be used for digital ADC and other functions, fully programmable
[10] Medium current output to drive 2 DC motors froward and reverse, PWM output for speed control
[11] End stop interface x 2
[12] Digital potentiometers 5k with 64 steps x 2
[13] 10A 250V relays x 2
[14] Wifi UARTt select
[15] 32bit microcontroller running ByPic
[16] 3.3V switching power supply
[16] 5V switching power supply

Please NOTE: The wifi module may be supplied with a built in antenna in which case the separate antenna will not be supplied as shown in the picture.

This is a general purpose wifi enabled board. It can read and write information via wifi for example over telnet or it can be used directly via a serial interface. The wifi can contact external sources if required and also given the correct network environment can be controlled externally.

The board is intended to be used in a system that will issue serial commands to it. However it can also run stand alone and be re-programmed over the wifi if required.

The board comes with an antenna and USB to serial for initial set up.


  • Supply Voltage 6V to 26V AC or DC
  • 2 on board switching supplies 5V and 3.3V at 3A
  • 2 10A relays with timer control between 1mS and 48 days
  • 2 DAC digital potentiometers
  • 2 high power 20A MOSFETS with PWM control
  • 1.2A motor driver circuit for 2 DC motors with PWM control
  • 2 x end stop detector circuits
  • 1-wire circuit for 2 digital temperature probes
  • 11 x GPIO pins ADC, Input and output
  • I2C master for controlling other I2C devices
  • Board is programmable for stand alone applications
  • Jobs can be scheduled
  • PIC32 operating system (ByPic)


The board is controlled serially through the wifi interface using telnet or similar using simple commands. Because of the wifi link there is no need for a physical connection to the main controller. In addition the controller does not need to be physically near the board. The wifi also has access to the internet via the connected router and so has access to any internet resource.

Full details of the board with commands and use


Control from a Raspberry Pi without the need for connecting anything to the Pi. Control remote locations via the internet. Use with horticulture, temperature probes, motor controlled ventilators, relays for power. Boiler control for central heating.

Because the board can be programmed, this can be carried out in situ over the wifi interface. There is no need to uninstall it from an applications. If a bug is found at a remote site then the re-programming can be done back at base.

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