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BV507: Home Control Microcontroller

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BV507, PIC32 with OLED and Wifi for home control

This is PIC32 Microcontroller with optional 128x64 OLED and wifi. It can also be attached to a specially designed front plate to give14 touch pads. The front plate is designed to fit a standard UK electrical box.

The PCB uses the PIC32MX170 programmed with ByPic which is a user operating system making the device much easier to use. Firmware is provided but it is all user configurable and so this device can be used for many applications


Basic PCB Basic PCB + OLED Basic PCB + OLED + WIFI Top Plate
  • Basic PCB (28mm x 59mm) can be used as a general purpose microcontroller running at 40MHz. It can be operated at up to 6V as there is an on board 3.3V regulator.
  • Basic PCB + OLED The OLED mounts at the back of the PCB and has power options so that differing types of display can be used. The OLED is a module of the I2C type. Firmware is provided for driving the oled including utilities for still images.
  • Basic PCB + OLED + Wifi The wifi is the ESP8266 module with transparent bridge firmware and so can be used to communicate and re-program the board or it can be used as a method of communication to the outside world.
  • Top Plate this is optional to any of the three items and is fitted by the user. The firmware is provided for driving the touch plate in the link below.

Full details of the options and how to use are here

PIC32 Specifications

  • PIC32MX170, 256k Flash, 64kRAM
  • 40MHz clock rate
  • Audio features
  • ADC 10 bit
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit
  • Comparators
  • Timers (5)
  • SPI, I2C, UART x 2
  • Some pins are 5V tolerant

Special Note

This is not a 'turn key' system and so the purchaser will need to know the basics of what they need to do. Although firmware is provided it is very general and not specific to any one use, it can only provide an outline of how to use the device.

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