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BV500 Microcontroller ByPic Chip kit

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ByPic Chip and PCB Kit BV500_T

This is a kit of parts that will allow you to build a microcontroller with a serial interface, no programmer needed just connect a suitable USB to Serial device and type in the instructions. The chip come pre-programmed with ByPic. A soldering iron will be required.

The kit above comes with a set of constructional instructions and all of the parts, including the ByPic IC to build. The IC can be used for

  • Servo controller
  • Stepper motor controller
  • Robot controller - several could be used
  • Clock / timer projects
  • Programmable I2C and SPI device exerciser
  • Infra red remote system

No software is needed other than what is on the IC. It self compiles text that you write and download to the serial port. It will also operate stand alone if required. Programs can be saved on to the Flash once debugged in RAM.

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IC Details

The IC is a complete system on a chip that requires only a few external components to get it going. Because it is a single chip that does not mean that it is lacking power. In fact it runs at 40MHz has 256KB Flash and 64KB RAM and so is a good contender for medium sized projects. The IC is the PIC32MX170F256B.

The device provides all of the system functionality of a development board, yet unlike a development board, this is a single chip and so can be built into your own projects. The unique factor about this chip is that it has the ByPIC compiler built right into the Flash and so the only software tool that is needed is a terminal emulator (similar to HyperTerminal). There is also another advantage in that the chip becomes interactive, that is to say you can communicate directly with the device. This is impossible with conventional compilers and it means that you can look at the contents of the Flash, RAM and even the all important registers.


The one element that makes this stand out above all of the rest is the implementation of this operating system. This is not an interpreter but an interactive compile that produces threaded code. Full details and syntax descriptions, including tutorials are on line see the link above.


The BV500 is a PIC32 device (PIC32MX170F256B) in a DIL package.

  • Max Speed MHz 40 

  • Program Memory Size (KB) 256 

  • RAM (KB) 64

  • Temperature Range (C) -40 to 105 

  • Operating Voltage Range (V) 2.3 to 3.6 

  • DMA Channels 4 

  • SPITM 2 

  • I2CTM Compatible 2 

  • CODEC Interface (I2S,AC97) Yes 

  • Peripheral Pin Select (PPS) Crossbar Yes 

  • CTMU Yes A/D channels 10 

  • Max A/D Sample Rate (KSPS) 1100 

  • Input Capture 5 

  • Output Compare/Std. PWM 5 

  • 16-bit Digital Timers 5 

  • Parallel Port PMP 

  • Comparators 3 

  • Internal Oscillator 8 MHz, 32 kHz 

  • RTCC Yes I/O Pins 21 Pin Count 28

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