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BV4618: I2C & Serial 16x2 & 20x4LCD Controller with Keypad Interface

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Serial & I2C LCD Display Controller (BV4618)

This can form a complete user interface using either Serial or I2C communication it will attach to any LCD display that uses the HD44780 or similar controller. It is user configurable for displays having up to 4 lines and 80 characters. Automatic scrolling takes place at the end of a line and also at the bottom of the display freeing the host software from mundane tasks.

online iconDocumentationsite with the latest information including data sheet, Basic and Arduino Libraries

There is provision for up to a 4x4 (16 key) keypad. The keypad is connected to the controller via the pads provided. There is also an interrupt output that will go low when there is any key in the buffer and goes high when all the values have been removed from the buffer. The host software need not monitor the controller constantly as any key pressed will be captured by the controller.

There are THREE choices of interface, Serial, Serial using RS232 and I2C. The controller firmware will automatically choose the correct mode of operation depending on which interface is connected.

The RS232 interface will accept plus and minus negative voltages and also adjust the inversion to match these signal types. The controller will not output plus and minus negative voltages just 0 and +V but this is usually acceptable for most RS232.

The controller works from 5V. It also comes with the fixing kit and angled connectors so that either interface and the keypad interface can be used. See additional images


  • Serial Input and I2C input
  • Automatic Baud rate from a selection of rates up to 112500
  • Serial interface accepts RS232 input voltage levels
  • I2C up to 400KHz
  • VT100 superset
  • Fully scrolling
  • 65 byte input buffer
  • 16 byte keypad buffer
  • Max line length 80 char
  • Max Lines 4
  • keypad up to 16 switches (4x4)
  • Supply voltage 5V DC
  • Current: 6mA @ 4.7V
  • Size: 55mm x 24mm

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