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BV4612 I2C & Serial 128x64 LCD and Keypad Front Pack for Arduino, Rpi White

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128x64 LCD 'Front Pack' with 16 way keypad White

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This is a 128x64 pixel graphical display attached to a 16 way touch panel making it ideal for a project that needs a user interface. It has both Serial AND I2C an interface so can easily be attached to a microcontroller such as the RPi or Arduino. The profile is very slim.

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So there is plenty of room the other electronic devices.

The 16 way touch pad will easily work through sticky back paper, gloss photo paper or vinyl is ideal.

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Here is an example. It doesn't have to be numbers; volume control, channel change, up down arrows etc. The numbers next to the display (5,9 and 13) could point to the display like an ATM. This was printed on an ink jet and cut out with a knife.

online icon Data sheet and resources With examples for the Rpi, Arduino and ByPic


  • Display 128x64 with white back light
  • Software adjustable contrast
  • Voltage 5V or 3.3V - will work on 3.3V for the Raspberry Pi
  • Three built in fonts
  • Free image converter for displaying graphics
  • Output for a beeper (buzzer)
  • I2C and Serial interface selectable by the user
  • User selectable I2C address
  • 16 way keypad
  • 32 key input buffer for keypad
  • 16mA with BL on, 8.4mA sleep mode
  • Thickness is determined by the height of the connector which is about 10mm

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