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BV4244: 20x4 I2C Front Panel

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I2C 20x4 Microcontroller User Interface - Front Panel

This is an LCD front panel fitted with a 20 x 4 display it also has a 16 way touch pad, keypad.  Both the display and touch pad can be controlled via an I2C interface. In addition it has a beeper output so it is a complete user interface. Arduino and Raspberry Pi libraries available, see downloads link below. (NOTE beeper not fitted)

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I2C clock




I2C data


2.5V to 5V [1]



RST (in)

Reset;  leave disconnected, pull low to reset the device.

INT (out)

Normally high, will go low if there are any keys in the buffer.

KEY (out)

Goes low only when a key is being touched otherwise it is high

BELL (out)

Momentarily goes high when a key is touched, this can be attached to a buzzer to get audio feedback

Only 2 I2C wires are required to control the device leaving all the other microcontroller pins free.

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Each touch pad consist of two capacitive touch channels and a key is determined as being pressed when both channels are activated. All of this is decoded internally so the host is presented with a simple key value.

For ease of use the keypad will buffer keys so they can be read at a later time by the host microcontroller.

The front of the PCB is designed so that a vinyl, glossy photo paper or similar similar overlay can be stuck to it thus the pads can be designed for the application in mind. Several pads can be grouped to make one larger pad if required.


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BV4244 Features

  • I2C Control
  • User selectable I2C address
  • Software variable back light
  • PWM back light output
  • 16 Pad touch keypad
  • 32 key buffer
  • Interrupt pin
  • Beeper output
  • Pads fully configurable
  • Mounts is standard box
  • User printable Front panel overlays
  • Voltage 5V
  • 10.4mA @ 5V
  • 3.7mA @ 5V sleep mode
  • Only 2 wires for full I/O control

NOTE: Comes without the beeper and front overlay but there are templates on line to print using an ink jet printer

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