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BV4242: Front Panel I2C 16x2 LCD display slimline 3.3V

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I2C Microcontroller User Interface - Front Panel

This is an ideal complement to any project. It is a complete front panel with an I2C interface, build you project without need to worry about input or output from the user. Hardly any resources taken up from the host, i.e Arduino or Raspberry pi. *** Works from 3.3V to 5V ***

It can from the front panel of any project. It has a 'blank' front and so the projectier is free to print out on a standard printer any front panel of choosing. This will make any project look professional.

top anotated image
This is what the front panel looks like with no cover, the touch pads can be seen

top anotated image
Here an overlay has been printed using an inkjet printer and some sticky backed photo paper. The pads can still be activated through the paper.
top anotated image
Also available with a white LCD display, please state on PayPal or send message.

In the above pictures the panel is being driven from a Raspberry Pi with a 3.3V supply and 1/2 dimmed back light.

top anotated image

top anotated image

Back of the display showing the I2C interface. The device is only 6mm deep plus the pins.

top anotated image

This is just one example of a printed overlay.

online icon Data sheet and resources

The device consists of an integration of two parts, the LCD display and the Touch pad controller. Both are controlled through the same I2C address.

Touch Pad

There are 16 individual touch pads. The pads are constantly monitored by the on board microcontroller and if one is touched the value of that pad is stored in the key buffer. In addition to this there is a pin that will go low indication that there is information in the buffer. The host (Arduino etc.) microcontroller can either monitor this pin or simply read the key buffer using I2C. In this way the host burden is considerably freed.

The pads can be tuned by setting values in EEPROM. This caters for the differing materials that may be put on the front of the keypad. There are also I2C commands that will assist in this tuning. The default values will cater for the panel without any covering and also for vinyl and thicker glossy photo paper.

LCD Display

The LCD display has some special characteristics;

  • Works from 3.3 to 5V so any logic system can be used
  • Can display Double height characters
  • Contrast is set from software, 63 steps
  • The back light has variable brightness, 130 steps also controlled via the I2C interface
  • There is also an extended character set of almost 250 characters

This is a choice of two colours:

(BLUE) Blue foreground with white backlight, this type of display need to have the back light on all of the time.
(WHITE) white foreground, black letters and white backlight. The dsiplay can easily be seen without the back light and it also work in direct sunlight.

BV4242 Features

  • I2C display 16x1 AND 16 x2
  • User selectable I2C address
  • Software adjustable contrast
  • Software variable back light
  • 16 Pad touch keypad
  • 79 key buffer
  • Interrupt pins
  • Pads fully configurable
  • Mounts is standard box
  • User printable Front panel overlays
  • Wide voltage 3.3V to 5V
  • 7.44mA @ 3V3 BL full on, 4.71mA 1/2 on, 1.5mA BL off
  • 270uA @ 3V3 sleep mode BL off
  • Only 2 wires for full I/O control

What you get

The BV4242 user interface with a blue or white LCD.

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