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BV4221: USB to I2C & SPI Converter and Analyser

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USB to I2C and SPI Terminal and Analyser

This device presents itself as a COM port and allows you to control I2C or SPI devices directly from a terminal or terminal emulator running on the PC. It comes with a complete foundation tutorial and user guide and works with 3.3V & 5V logic. This is excellent for learning about I2C or SPI. Works with EEPROMS, humidity, temperature, gas sensors, displays. The I2C will also discover addresses and so will enable you work with unknown systems.


  • Reading / writing EEPROMS **
  • Learning about I2C or SPI
  • Controlling I2C and SPI devices from a PC
  • Reverse engineering of I2C busses
  • Analysing an I2C bus for signals such as stop, address start etc.
  • Working with an I2C or SPI device before being implemented into a system

on line iconResources, Data sheet, drivers etc. Includes LabVIEW resource

Annotated BV4221-V2

  1. USB presents itself as a COMM port
  2. SPI Interface
  3. Three Chip select lines with LED indicators that illuminate when the CSis low
  4. I2C Interface
  5. LED's that monitor the clock and data lines
  6. On board 3.3V & 5V regulators
  7. Voltage selection


  1. I2C interface speed selectable
  2. Can detect all I2C addresses on the bus (find feature)
  3. LED to indicate if I2C bus has locked up
  4. On Board 3.3V & 5V voltage regulators for power o/p and shortcircuit protection
  5. Two modes of operation SPI and I2C
  6. SPI has 3 CS lines to drive up to 3 devices
  7. Comes with free terminal software and user guide
  8. Inspector mode for analysing I2C bus traffic

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