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BV4212: 128x64 LCD With rotary input

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128x64 LCD 'Front Pack' with rotary input control


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This is an I2C device that can be used as a user interface to a microcontroller with I2C, that is nearly all of them. There are libraries for the ByPic, Arduino and Raspberry Pi in the link below.

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There is a 5V and 3.3V I2C interface. The display will work with either 5V or 3.3V

The display has 3 built in fonts and can render 8 lines of 21 characters in font 1 giving a useful amount of information. The input uses a rotary encoder which is much better than buttons particularly if there is a lot of information. The encoder has a switch and also there is a spare button.

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The display can also render static images.

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The whole assembly is quite thin approximately 5mm

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If used in a project box it leaves plenty of room for other equipment.

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This is an example of it in a 3D printed box ( but could just as easily be mounted as a font panel (NOT SUPPLIED)

online icon Data sheet and resources With examples for the Rpi, Arduino and ByPic

Ideal for CNC front end, Stepper motor tester, home IT control, I/O for Raspberry Pi for TV, media player, Radio etc.


  • Display 128x64 with white back light - software dimmable
  • Software adjustable contrast
  • Voltage 5V or 3.3V - will work on 3.3V for the Raspberry Pi
  • Three built in fonts
  • Free image converter for displaying graphics
  • User selectable I2C address
  • 24 step rotary encoder with push switch
  • Push button
  • 16mA with BL on, 8.4mA sleep mode
  • Thickness is determined by the height of the connector which is about 10mm total

You are purchasing the BV4212 which is a PCB, LCD, rotary control and firmware to make it all work with I2C

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