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BV4115S: Serial Relay Controller with Timer

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Serial Relay Controller with Timer

Serial relay controller for up to 8 relays

This is a serial device that can control up to 8 relays with timed on or off. It works via a standard serial interface as found on say the Arduino or Raspberry Pi with simple commands for turning the individual relays on or off.

Solder jumpers are provided for a simple interface to 2,4, and 8 way relays. These are the 'standard' relays that can be found on the web. The controller outputs a logic signal to switch the relays on or off. NOTE that the controller cannot drive the relays directly but require preferably an opto isolator or transistor driver.

Typical relay board that the controller can drive, of other configurations wire can be used.

online icon Data sheet and resources


  • Up to 8 relays
  • Voltage range 3.3V to 5.5V
  • Timed on/off up to 48 days
  • Addressable so many devices can share a single serial bus
  • Use with high on or low on relays
  • Wi-Fi option

Serial Interface (not supplied)

For Windows or Linux this will work with any USB to serial device, a typical one is shown here:

This will also provide the power needed for the BV4115. It will also work directly with the Raspberry Pi and Arduino thus saving valuable resources.

There is Python code for the Raspberry Pi in the resources link above, the Arduino simply requires the serial library.

It uses a fixed (but user changeable) Baud rate of 115200. To turn relay 'a' on in 10 seconds simply send the following string: "da1,20000". The time is in mS, using a time of 0 of course would turn the relay on immediately. It follows then that any device that can send a string of text can use this device, hence RPi, Arduino or any other microcontroller.


  • Controller only: This is just the controller without any DuPont type leads
  • Controller with 2 way relays
  • Controller with 4 way relays
  • Controller with 8 way relays


The solder jumper links are not set, details of how to set these are in the data sheet in the link above. If you do not have the means of doing this then send a message after purchase and the links will be set before shipping.

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