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BV210: Twin 10A Relay with 20A current sensing, Arduino, Raspberry Pi

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Twin 10A relay with 20A current sensing

The BV110 is a twin 10A relay with 20A current sensing. This makes it possible to confirm that the device it is connected to is actually switched on.

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This is intended for switching two loads with verifiable feedback that the loads have been activated.

WARNING: The relays are capable of handling 250V at 10A AC which is lethal. As such this device must not be used on lethal voltages except by the use of a qualified practitioner.

The relays are wired as single pole single throw and are intended to take power from one point an distribute it to either of the two outputs. The connection marked C on the PCB is common to all terminals. The other connection is the switch wire.

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  • 2 x 10A relays
  • 20A current sense
  • Output for 5V and 3.3V ADC
  • Relays operate down to 3V

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