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ADC Chip with serial or I2C interface

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PCB kit
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ADC and Digital I/O I2C or Serial (P011-serial, P012-I2C)

This is a Serial or I2C ADC convertor with 8 10bit channels and 3 digital outputs. It can be used stand alone for building into projects or with a specially designed PCB. The IC has the following features:

  • Wide voltage range 2.5V to 5.5V
  • 8 ADC channels, 10bit
  • 3 digital outputs
  • Accurate voltage ref built in
  • Simple serial or I2C protocol
  • User configurable EEPROM

This IC is ideal for the Raspberry Pi as it can be used in isolation, thus protecting the delicate RPi GPIO. Also the RPi does not have any ADC.

Instructions: Full construction, data sheet and operation instructions are provided in the link.

This is the pin out for the I2C version. Vref+ is optional as it can be configured to use +V or an accurate internal voltage reference.

There is also an optional PCB for ease of use. This is supplied as a kit and so some soldering will be required

Included is free Python software for the Raspberry Pi and Windows, details are in the link above.

Please Note: The software is provided free and to show how the device may be used. It is not part of the purchase and so it is recommended that you check the link to see if this meets your needs before purchase.

This will retrieve all of the inputs and display them. The software works both on Windows and Rpi


  • Please select I2C or Serial
  • Kit Option:

This is an example of the supplied kit. All the parts needed are supplied to make up either the I2C or serial version

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